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Articles Explaining the Importance of Conquering Automatic Human Activities


Below is a list of articles regarding automatic human activities. These articles stand on their own with each article having a brief introduction to 2Selfs Theory to enable making sense of the article, which you can easily skip on subsequent articles after viewing it the first time. These articles also serve as supplemental material for the book, The 2Selfs Revolution: The Necessary Transformation to Resurrect the Greatness of the West. Directly below is a categorized list of the articles with links to the articles themselves or to a brief description of what each article contains and why you might want to read it. I will occasionally add new articles focused on understanding and managing automatic human activities .


2Selfs Theory Articles




2Selfs Theory:

  • On the Nature of Automatic Human Activities: Finally Gaining Explicit Control over Our Future Progress, Well-Being, and Shared Values: Description, Article


2Selfs Applications

Brief Descriptions of Articles


Business Article Descriptions:

  • 2Selfs Analysis of The Halo Effect book by Phil Rosenzweig: Article

In this book, Professor Rosenzweig undresses the four major “best practices” books that received exuberant acclaim and sold wildly, but failed to come remotely close to delivering on their increasingly extravagant promises. My analysis takes Rosenzweig’s insights to another level by revealing the auto-self mechanisms involved in the “delusions.”

  • 2Selfs Analysis of The Fourth Industrial Revolution book by Klaus Schwab: Article

In this book, Professor Schwab asserts that the convergence of so many technologies constitute a major transition in advanced societies that we could usefully consider as a new industrial revolution. My analysis points out why the Fourth Industrial Revolution cannot happen successfully without first executing the 2Selfs Revolution to overcome the escalating problems indirectly created by the Third Industrial Revolution. Our spectacular physical-world (science, technologies, products) progress is increasingly overwhelming our abilities to manage the mental-world (human activities including our social systems and personal responsibilities) ramifications of our physical-world prowess.


2Selfs Theory Article Descriptions:

  • On the Nature of Automatic Human Activities: Finally Gaining Explicit Control over Our Future Progress, Well-Being, and Shared Values: Article

This long article provides a robust overview of 2Selfs Theory, which models the automatic mode of the human mind and how it interacts with our thinking mode (hence two “selfs”). This article answers several questions raised by reviewers of my book, The 2Selfs Revolution: The Necessary Transformation to Resurrect the Greatness of the West. It employs some mental mechanism that will help you understand the new concepts created by 2Selfs Theory and start the process of constructing a new worldview, which is the contextual framework that controls (enables and disables) or abilities to think effectively and solve problems systematically. The 2Selfs Revolution will have as widespread and profound an impact on the successes, well-being, and values of the West as the Science/Enlightenment revolution had that started almost five centuries ago and ended just before the American Revolution. The previous mental Revolution emancipated our thinking abilities and this one will emancipate our automatic activities. Among the amazing new capabilities we will accrue are making timely culture changes in business commensurate with the escalating rate and broadening scope of technological innovations. We will become able to recognize that we currently have no mechanism for defining shared positive values although some segments of society currently pretend they provide that, and create mechanism to finally accomplish that laudable goal. 2Selfs Theory will also empower us to overcome some of our current culture wars including the archaic one of still pretending that religions can allow us to understand and manage the physical world (i.e., creationism). We will at last overcome widespread pretending that we are solving some of our devastating problems while we succumb to simplistic solutions and the construction of certainties “in here” (i.e., in the automatic part of our minds) that do not correspond to realities “out there” (i.e., outside of internal mental states). Probably the biggest discontinuous advance (and you will learn what that means) will be to recover the effectiveness of our Western forms of representative governments that are currently collapsing due to rampant technology-enabled voter manipulations.   


2Selfs Applications Article Descriptions:

  • So You Want to Be a Coach or Hire a Coach? Article

Many service providers hang out a “coach” shingle these days, but the services they provide vary widely. In business, there are two main types of coaches: advisory and transformational coaches. The first type provides high-level, normally domain-specific thinking-self based information. The other type of coaches creates auto-self reconstructions (both auto-behaviors and cultures). Sometimes coaches who are excellent at the first type attempt to provide the second type and vice versa. To make matters even more complicated, many coaches provide “life coaching,” which is normally best suited for consumers and lower-level people in business and not executive-level leaders. Both providers and users of coaching services will do well to understand and attend to these crucial differences to align competencies with needs, and this article will empower you to do that.

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