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Coaching Services

We build our coaching practice upon on the assumption that we all operate in two modes – a thinking mode and an automatic mode. Therefore, we all operate is if we have two “selfs” – a thinking-self and an auto-self. We use 2Selfs Theory that models the thinking-self, which is where our intentions reside, and the auto-self, which controls our behavior habits (auto-behaviors) and organizational cultures (one form of auto-contexts). That allows us to provide systematic techniques to coach you to overcome your certainties associated with culture elements and the discomforts attached to transformational change.


We provide robust assessments of a leader's auto-self characteristics to determine what might be inhibiting consistent, repeated successes. We then provide one-on-one coaching to transform the auto-behaviors and auto-contexts of those in need of fundamental improvement in executing their needed actions consistently and doing that without disrupting others.

Culture-Change Coaching

Annual Culture Reconstruction Retreats are the most reliable, systematic way to avoid the dreaded innovation deathtraps that sink so many companies with long histories of success. We can guide you through one or two of these transformations until you learn to do them on your own. This process will be the norm in the future and will greatly increase the timely incorporation of disruptive innovations into mature companies.

Transformability Workshops

We conduct workshop series (4-6 sessions spread about a month apart with practice between sessions) that empower participants to overcome their discomfort while empowering others to transform shared counterproductive auto-self characteristics, to learn to hold others accountable for meeting their commitments, and to uncover and evaluate their untethered certainties (their debilitating certainty illusions).

Jump-Starting Transform

Our goal is to get you started until you can sustain the transformation processes within your organization. That is the essence of creating transformable leaders and companies.

Types of Coaching

As careers derail and companies fail, many business leaders have started to recognize increasingly often that the so-called “soft” success factors are responsible. As a result, various forms of solutions have emerged including a massive industry focused on self-help, the wildly popular set of books focused on “best practices” for “sustainable success” identified above, and a rapidly growing “coaching” industry.

In spite of laudable efforts to create some coaching standards and issue competency certificates, the rate of growth of coaching has outpaced the emergence of effective competencies. Also, some providers are not doing well at advertising the nature of their offerings, and I suspect many of them don’t understand well what they actually provide. To help you understand the types of coaching available, I offer the following list.

Life Coaching

This is a consumer-oriented approach that helps clients through “life” situations including advice on career choices, putting relationships back together, and attaining better motivation. We do not participate in this type of coaching.

Business Advisory Coaching

This is a thinking-self-centric activity that also goes by the name of consulting. Many service providers position themselves as coaches, and they focus mainly on advice. Some of these coaches operate at the same level as life coaches, so they offer little effective help for business leaders. However, at the high-end, experts with deep technical and managerial experience can provide highly valuable advice. This is not the focus of 2Selfs Inc.

Business Behavior-Transformation Coaching

As with advisory coaching, the level of services provided by coaches who claim to focus on behavior transformations varies widely. Some companies have retained us to pick up the pieces when inexperienced transformation coaches attempted to reconstruct bad habits of their leaders. 

I have also attempted to use the service of coaches who have certificates from reputable training organizations, but they lacked sufficient techniques and experience to provide any meaningful habit changes.

We use 2Selfs Theory to coach clients through the discomfort of behavior-habit transformations. We focus on chronic barriers to needed actions such as failing to conduct timely performance reviews, being chronically late on completing assignments, and the inability to deal effectively with aggressive people. We also specialize in coaching leaders who are very effective at many aspects of their own activities but have compulsive behaviors, such as bullying, intimidation, and micromanaging, that undermine the effectiveness of those around them.

Business Culture-Change Coaching

Here is where you will see a dramatic departure in the nature of coaching services. While many business-related coaches offer advice and a huge number claim to provide behavior transformations, very few know how to, or even claim to, provide culture-change coaching. 

This is where having a theory of automatic human activities provides great dividends because 2Selfs Theory not only explains how the auto-self operates; it provides systematic techniques to transform auto-behaviors. Going further, 2Selfs Theory also explains how auto-contexts operate and provides methodical processes to reconstruct auto-contexts in their many manifestations including as business cultures. Additionally, 2Selfs Theory reveals the synergy between auto-behaviors and auto-contexts, so it makes coaching both crucial types of business transformations possible. You can learn more about culture change in organizations here.

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