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Achieve Peak Performance!

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We will coach you to align your actions with your grandest professional goals by transforming any counterproductive behaviors of your team and possibly yourself, and by empowering you to make culture changes and lead and develop your team effectively.

Dr. Barry Borgerson

Leadership and Executive Coach|

Behavior-Transformation Coach | Culture-Change Coach


You cannot reliably transform dysfunctional behaviors and obsolete cultures through any amount of knowledge, advice, or intentions.

You need to become a transformable leader – your future successes depend on it.

Coaches are proliferating because business leaders don’t know how to manage the so-called “soft” success factors, including transforming errant behaviors, changing cultures, and “thinking outside the box,” effectively enough to meet current and growing needs.

If you decide you need a coach, you better understand the fundamental difference between advisory coaches and transformation coaches and figure out which type you need.

We specialize in transformation coaching, which few coaches know how to do reliably. We systematically coach business leaders through transforming counterproductive and even dysfunctional behaviors. We also coach you through making methodical culture-changes quickly in response to the onrush of technology-based disruptions in your environment, which will eventually obsolete crucial elements of your culture.


Future successes will belong to those business leaders who become transformable – that is, in addition to the continuous learning with which you are familiar, you must become able to create periodic transforming of behaviors and cultures.

We can coach you through behavior transformations and culture changes and train you and others in your company to become transformable leaders in the process, so you can achieve repeated successes without us.


The world is irretrievably changing, so to achieve repeated career and company successes, business leaders must become transformable.

But, how confident are you that you can handle the “soft” success factors?

Did you try to improve yourself through self-help programs but failed to achieve lasting results?


How would you like it if…

You can confidently achieve nearly anything you want and possibly beyond what you currently imagine because you can make your actions and behaviors align with your goals. 

You're unstoppable and positively empowered in taking on challenges that come your way.

Leading your team is easy because almost all members excel in their role and bring their best efforts to the table every day.

You handle stress effectively and stay calm under pressure, greatly satisfied in your work and life. 

You're self-aware, have eliminated unhealthy habits, are leading effectively, and inspiring others at work, in your family, and within your community.


But, Why are you stuck?

Talented leaders like you sometimes find yourselves trapped in never-ending challenges because discomfort, possibly unnoticed, keeps you from executing some crucial actions consistently or your passion to succeed causes you to act in ways that undermine the effectiveness of those around you.

Also, you and your team recognize that escalating disruptions in your business environment require you to make ever more frequent culture changes, but you lack systematic techniques to accomplish that quickly enough.

What should you do about it?

Step into someone else's shoes for a while and observe yourself and everything you do just as others see you.

This is where we come in...

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We can arrange for a multi-rater survey so you can learn how others view you,


Coach you or those you lead to select Grand Goals, possibly beyond those previously imagined,

Align your actions and transform your counterproductive behaviors to achieve those goals,

And guide you to create methodical and timely culture changes to respond to the increasing technology disruptions crashing over businesses due to the rapidly emerging Fourth Industrial Revolution and the cascading effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

A confident, impactful, focused, and transformable leader will definitely be an asset to any organization.

So, if you're an Executive or a Leader who...

Has counterproductive behaviors that are preventing you from achieving peak performance. 

Wants to develop the leadership capabilities of your team.

Needs help in transforming the culture in your organization to meet the ramifications of the
growing wave of disruptions in your business environment.

Contact us below to learn about and experience transformational coaching.

Success Stories

guiding me and my company all the way from startup to growth to eventual exit

Barry was instrumental in guiding me and my company all the way from startup to growth to eventual exit.


As part of the Counsel for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) in Durham North Carolina, Barry successfully mentored me through the early stages of my startup software business, starting in the Spring of 2011. The advice and instruction Barry and the rest of the CED team provided were invaluable in helping me establish solid business practices and get my new business off the ground.


A few years later I was looking for help with continuing to grow my business so I applied to CED to enter their mentoring program again and specifically asked for Barry to be on the mentoring team. Barry was the lead mentor and guided me through the startup phase to the growth phase of my company. Barry's broad background and deep experience enabled him to guide me and my company on a wide range of issues we encountered.


Finally, after many years of mentorship from Barry and the CED team, and because of our success, I received an offer from a strategic buyer at the end of 2018. Barry stayed with me and helped guide me successfully through the final exit transaction. The guidance I received from Barry over the many years he worked with me was instrumental in my and my company's success. 

-Nathan Shackles, Software Entrepreneur

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amazing transformational executive coach and mentor for me

Barry has been an amazing transformational executive coach and mentor for me. He has provided highly actionable and impactful ideas to relaunch and grow my executive coaching business. Specifically, Barry has relentlessly and skillfully coached me through some bad habits that were standing in my way of greater success, including transforming me away from some forms of procrastination. Barry's mentoring has empowered me to connect with my target client base to align their priorities with their purpose, passion, and potential. 

-Patrick E. Alcorn, MBA

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To know more about you and your challenges...

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