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A Coach Can Dramatically Improve Business Successes, but
What Type of Coach Do You Need?


By Barry Borgerson:


With the advent of 2Selfs Theory, we now have a new empowering ability to distinguish among types of coaching based on whether they focus primarily on the thinking-self (where our explicit knowledge and intentions reside), auto-behaviors (our unintentional habits), auto-contexts (the hidden lenses through which we understand the world about us), or some combination of these.


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Types of Coaching – Caveat Emptor


We ignore sports coaching here because sports coaching does not confuse people. Following is an outline of different types of coaching so that if you want to secure the services of a coach for yourself, for those leaders who are in your sphere of influence, or for your company’s cultural progression, you can get a better sense of the type of coach you should use to meet your needs.

Here is a list of the five types of coaches outlined below:

  • Life coaches for consumers

  • Advisory coaches for business leaders

  • Behavior-transformation coaches for business leaders

  • Culture-change coaches for businesses

  • Transformability coaches for businesses, which combines the previous two types plus more


Life Coaches for Consumers

Life Coaches for Consumers.jpg

Advisory Coaches for Business Leaders

Advisory Coaches for Business

Behavior-Transformation Coaches for Business Leaders

Behavior-Transformation Coaches for Busi

Culture-Change Coaches for Businesses

Transformability Coaches for Businesses

Culture-Change Coaches for

Culture-Change Coaches for Businesses

Transformability Coaches for Businesses

Transformability Coaches for Businesses.

Once we understand the mental underpinnings of automatic human activities, which 2Selfs Theory provides, we can make leaders and their businesses transformable and thereby reconstruct errant behaviors and cultures as needed.


For each type of coaching, practitioners vary from novice to competent to expert, and people desiring to receive coaching often face the challenge of trying to figure out not only the type of coaching provided, as indicated above, but also the level of actual effectiveness, even for those with coaching certifications.


Creating Transformable Leaders and Businesses


Business thought leaders previously promoted becoming a learning organization as a primary mechanism to achieve “sustainable” success. Continuous learning, which is a thinking-self activity, will continue to be a crucial part of business successes. However, escalating global competition and the accelerating rate of technology-driven change in the business environment require that we now must add the crucial capability of being a transforming organization. Periodic transforming, which is an auto-self activity, is fundamentally impervious to new knowledge and the best of intentions. Businesses must create the capability to transform counterproductive and even dysfunctional behaviors to achieve peak performance and to change cultures systematically to align them with our rapidly changing technology-driven business environment. This is the path of the future to avoid behavior-based career derailments and business failures due to the innovation deathtrap caused by the inability to reconstruct business cultures systematically and quickly enough to meet the business-environment tsunamis crashing over us.


Currently, most transformation coaches specialize either in behavior reconstructions or in culture changes because they have not had access to a viable theory of the mind that reveals the commonality in these seemingly distinct processes. However, once we understand automatic human activities, we can see that these processes actually address different aspects of the auto-self. Using 2Selfs Theory, a single provider can apply appropriate transformation techniques to these and many other types of auto-self activities that can provide the basis for an immediate competitive advantage, for systematic career progressions, and for establishing the required foundation for a long-term series of repeated business successes in our increasingly tumultuous business environment.


Smaller companies may need to rely on external providers. However, medium to large companies should become internally transformable, and I can help you jump-start that process. For a free introduction to transformation coaching and how that can help your business, please contact me at

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