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Who is Dr. Barry Borgerson?

Dr. Barry Borgerson is the pioneer in developing a comprehensive theory to understand and manage our many hidden mental mechanisms including those that create involuntary habits (auto-behaviors) and automatic thought patterns (auto-contexts) that control "soft" success factors in business.


He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Ph.D. in computer science (and one of his minors in the management of human resources). 


He is a long-time expert transformation coach who uses root-cause, mind-level transformation processes based on the first and so far only theory that models the many aspects of automatic human activities that determine the ability to achieve repeated business successes over long time horizons.

My Story

​I was previously a group VP and General Manager of a diversified multinational business. And then I became the CEO of a multinational software and document imaging company.

When I was an executive running a business, I noticed that some people I led did many things very well but had some dysfunctional behaviors causing troubles around them.


When I took over a business that was failing, and although I was able to set a new direction that I was confident would save the business, everybody kept trying to follow the same path that was leading to failure.

As I tried to change behaviors and the culture, I encountered massive resistance. I kept telling myself that I knew they all spoke English and that I explained to them in several different ways the path we needed to take, but no changes happened.

I didn't think it was deliberate because they did realize they were failing, but they just couldn't change. That's the reason why I re-engaged some old insights I had about automatic human activities.

As I started developing the early stages of the 2Selfs Theory, I became convinced that I was gaining a level of access to the automatic part of the mind that didn't exist in the literature.

I also started to understand some underlying commonality in many different types of automatic activities including involuntary resistance to transforming counterproductive behaviors and to changing obsolete cultures.

After a few years of modeling the intricacies of the automatic part of our mind, I decided to retire early from a lucrative executive career to develop and apply the theory.

That led me to become a Transformation coach who empowers leaders and high-level individual contributors to achieve peak performance.

You can see more about Barry's background here


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