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Heroes Needed

to Launch the 2Selfs Revolution

I will do my best to instigate the 2Selfs Revolution, but my efforts will be a drop in the bucket compared to what we need. Several professional segments should find it in their best interests to play a part in launching the 2Selfs Revolution, some of which I summarize below and discuss further in the book.


Businesses. Business leaders are among our brightest people, have the ability to drive results, and have a critical need to help launch the 2Selfs Revolution because repeated business successes are going to require supraevolutionary advances in our business practices, in our political world, and in how we manage our economies. We will count on many of you to step up as heroes in raising the supraevolutionary level of business practices and business schools, and we need some of you to become the superheroes who will lead the overall 2Selfs Revolution.


Correspondence Press. This bulwark of Western democracies is currently under assault, particularly in the United States. The book urges you to take action to defend your brand as our correspondence correspondents (i.e.,  those correspondents who endeavor to make their stories correspond with facts in the world) to overcome the relentless negative branding by Donald Trump. You can do much more by identifying the 2Selfs Revolution as a necessary path for the West’s future greatness and by supporting the heroes who will emerge to drive that mega-ascent.


Political/Social Commentators. Western political and other social systems are in grave danger, and with them the increasingly positive values we have struggled to construct over many decades. Some political/social commentators focus on driving us back into our darker, base-nature past. However, many of you focus on creating a brighter future, so you will find it in your best interest to do your heroic part to play a leading role in making the 2Selfs Revolution happen successfully.


NGOs. Many NGOs focus on political, social, and values reforms. You also are action-oriented people who are accustomed to driving change, so you are well situated to be among the superheroes to help lead the 2Selfs Revolution.


Academic Communities. Faculty focused on human activities (including business administration, political theory, economics, sociology, psychology, education, history, philosophy, and religion studies) have a new opportunity to create supraevolutionary ascents for their disciplines. You have the opportunity to become heroes by solving some of our mega-problems and other serious problems. The best among you may become superheroes in helping launch the 2Selfs Revolution. However, unlike the above professions, most of you are more intellectually oriented than action-oriented. The book shows paths to become more focused on our huge and growing human-activities problems and how to transform yourself to drive our needed changes after you identify new directions for change. Those universities whose leaders and faculty get out in front with creating supraevolutionary ascents for their mental-world activities will rise in effectiveness and status compared to those universities that stay stuck in the past. You will also find that many of the most difficult mental-world problems will require forming multidisciplinary groups to solve the many interconnected aspects of these growing problems, which now becomes possible by employing 2Selfs Theory and working within the problem-solving foundation of the 2Selfs Worldview. The current inadequacies and contorted manipulations used to work around lack of understanding and managing the auto-self are so glaring and the opportunity for discontinuous improvements so compelling, that each of the disciplines above will inevitably construct 2Selfs Worldview as part of their problem-solving foundation. Fortuitously, for most of these mental-world professions, this transformation will only require a (relatively comfortable even if somewhat disorienting) construction process as opposed to a (highly uncomfortable and extremely disorienting) transformation process. As a result, most human-activities university professions will be able to retain the progress they previously achieved and at discontinuous improvements to them. Who among you will step up to become super-heroes who help lead the 2Selfs Revolution?

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