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Behavior Transformations
Culture Changes
Leadership Development

Behavior-Transformation Coaching

We provide robust assessments of a leader's auto-self characteristics to determine what might be inhibiting consistent, repeated successes. We then provide one-on-one coaching to transform the auto-behaviors and auto-contexts of those in need of fundamental improvement in executing their needed actions consistently and doing that without disrupting others.

Culture-Change Coaching

Annual Culture Reconstruction Retreats are the most reliable, systematic way to avoid the dreaded innovation deathtraps that sink so many companies with long histories of success. We can guide you through one or two of these transformations until you learn to do them on your own. This process will be the norm in the future and will greatly increase the timely incorporation of disruptive innovations into mature companies.

Transformability Workshops

We conduct workshop series (4-6 sessions spread about a month apart with practice between sessions) that empower participants to overcome their discomfort while empowering others to transform shared counterproductive auto-self characteristics, to learn to hold others accountable for meeting their commitments, and to uncover and evaluate their untethered certainties (their debilitating certainty illusions).

Jump-Starting Transformability

Our goal is to get you started until you can sustain the transformation processes within your organization. That is the essence of creating transformable leaders and companies.

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