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Achieve Peak Performance!

I will coach you or those you lead to align your actions with your professional and personal goals, transform your counterproductive behaviors, and empower you to manage your team and make culture changes effectively – you will become transformable! 

"Transformable leaders and organizations will become the main sources of sustainable competitive advantage."


Take The Leap and Act Now!


Online Survey

  • It all starts with receiving your FREE 45-minute coaching session to see if there's a mutual fit.


  • If you decide to explore you and/or your team working with me, we can start by conducting a 360° Online Survey 

  • The Online Survey gives you a big-picture graphical view of overall strengths and weaknesses of participants in specific categories.

  • That provides the mechanism to decide which leaders, if any, to enroll in a coaching program.



  • Next, we conduct an Interview Multi-Rater Survey that creates a detailed understanding of specific undesirable behaviors participants might want to change and uncovers strengths that they can increase.

Unlocking Grand Goals, a Personal Goal, and Intentions


  • Identify Grand Goals and possibly a Personal Goal (stop smoking, cursing, etc.). Grand Goals are business achievements that you feel that you cannot attain on your own. They create the framework and motivation for change. Each grand goal must have a measurable or verifiable result, must have a fixed date for accomplishment, and must be unconditional. 


  • Identify specific behaviors from the leadership and performance survey that stand in the way of achieving those grand goals.


  • Explicitly declare intentions to change specific behaviors. These intentions provide the focal point for the transformation process.



  • I will guide you to overcome the unfair fight between hopeful intentions to transform and tenacious automatic resistance to such change.

  • Because habit transformations create discomfort, leaders often display vigorous and even aggressive push back to escape that discomfort at the expense of not achieving their Grand Goals. Many coaches wilt under that resistance, but I have conditioned myself and coaches I have trained to stay engaged while empathetically and tenaciously coaching clients through difficult behavior transformations.

  • I will serve as your sounding board and guide, especially when you experience painful internal wars.  


Self-Awareness Achieved!

  • Winning is fun, but the path to winning is often uncomfortable and even scary because it requires delaying gratification and counteracting the discomfort associated with transformational change.

  • The online and interviews multi-rater surveys allow participants to recognize the specific characteristics of the behavior habits of participants. This static type of awareness identifies your behavior patterns.

  • To transform undesired behaviors, coaching participants must learn to notice instances as they occur. You can see this as a dynamic form of self-awareness.

  • With guidance, you'll begin to notice your errant behavior automatically, and this awareness will progress until you notice your dysfunctional behaviors before you enact them.

  • Once coaching clients learn to notice their errant behaviors as they occur, they create the opportunity to substitute the desired behavior in its place.

  • Each time a client enacts the undesired behavior, the coach helps him or her experience discomfort, and every time the client aborts the undesired behavior and enacts the new desired behavior, the coach helps her or him experience pleasure. Over time, that causes the desired behavior to become the norm.

  • I have found that the process works most effectively when applied twice a week for approximately one year to create new behaviors that endure beyond our coaching engagement.  


Peak Performance Unlocked!

  • Grand Goals and Personal Goal achieved.

  • Become a transformable leader and create other transformable leaders in your organization. 

  • Conduct follow-up of the same on-line survey six months to a year after coaching engagement ends to get a graphic readout of progress made that lasted beyond the coaching engagement.

Take The Leap and Act Now
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transformational in providing awareness of strengths

and capabilities that I possessed

I can't overstate the significant impact that Barry's professional coaching and mentorship has had on my professional career. I was first introduced to Barry when I was an executive at a large technology company that was evaluating coaching as a training tool. My time with Barry was transformational in providing awareness of strengths and capabilities that I possessed and underestimated, along with actions and behaviors that were preventing me from maximizing these capabilities. Barry's coaching provided the confidence I needed to take charge of challenging situations head-on. Barry continued to provide mentorship as career opportunities led me down different paths. I implement Barry's teachings daily and they continue to be a key component to my professional success. 

-John E., Group Executive at a Multinational Service Firm

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Happy Client

“Leaders who are prepared to devote and accept the time, energy, commitment, and occasional discomfort to enact periodic transformations can experience a series of extraordinary improvements toward greater achievement and repeated successes.”

To know more about you and your challenges...

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