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for the 2Selfs Revolution Book

Audience for the Book, which Also Provides and an Overview of Benefits


The 2Selfs Revolution is arriving just in time to make transformative changes to interrupt the West’s mega-descent and launch a new mega-ascent. The audience for the 2Selfs Revolution book is immense, including professionals involved in most aspects of human activities and anyone who is suffering from the impacts of our increasing inability to manage our debilitating social systems and personal responsibilities as the technology-powered social complexity and speed-of-change accelerates. If you are a citizen of the West and find yourself in one or more of the following categories, all of which depend on the automatic mode of human activities, reading the book will greatly enhance your opportunity to experience a repeatedly successful and more responsible future. Studying the book will enable you to play your part in empowering individuals to avoid tragic personal setbacks and allow you to play a heroic role in resurrecting the greatness of your profession, your business, your country, and indeed the whole West as we launch the 2Selfs Revolution.

  • Business (and other organization) leaders

    • Learn how to execute your needed actions consistently and to do so without interfering with the execution of those around you in our world of escalating global competition.

    • Learn how to transform your business culture periodically and reliably to avoid succumbing to innovation deathtraps.

    • Learn why “sustainable” success using “best practices” approaches derived from literature searches and retrospective interviews do not work effectively (you will see a theoretical analysis of why Professor Phil Rosenzweig was right in his book The Halo Effect…And the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers).

    • Learn why “soft-success factor” (i.e., auto-self-based) empirical theories provide much better mechanisms for achieving progressive successes.

    • Learn why 2Selfs Theory provides still better mechanisms for achieving long-term repeated successes.

    • Learn how to take new types of actions to transform the rules of the business games you must play and to transform the economic environment in which you must operate.

  • Executive/leadership-development service providers

  • Business theorists (raise empirical theories to more effective root-cause theories)

  • Optimists who want to learn why the Fourth Industrial Revolution—which was a major theme of the 2017 World Economic (Davos) Forum chaired by Professor Klaus Schwab and the title of his compelling coordinated book—cannot succeed unless we launch the 2Selfs Revolution

  • Pessimists who want to learn why the insightful book The Rise and Fall of American Growth by Professor Robert Gordon accurately predicts part of our mega-descent and also how we can overcome his prediction of doom by launching the 2Selfs Revolution

  • University department heads and professors focused on human-activities issues, including (with some possible examples)

    • Business (execution; culture change; transformability)

    • Political theory (reverse collapse of Western political systems)

    • Economics (effects of political meltdowns on economic stability)

    • Sociology (auto-contexts, discomfort in culture wars and change)

    • Psychology (auto-context roles in human behavior)

    • Education (add auto-context-based responsibilities constructions)

    • History (add problem-solving mega-cycles; supraevolution)

    • Philosophy (add auto-contexts; reformulate self-control issue)

    • Religion studies (role of auto-contexts in religions; metabibles; defining shared positive values)

  • University presidents, chancellors, and boards of trustees who wish to keep or raise their universities to high standing by taking action to form multidisciplinary departments to solve our mega-problems and other major human-activities problems

  • Board members who want to ensure that their company doesn’t succumb to escalating technology-driven disruptions but instead has systematic processes in place to be repeated disruptors

  • Angel investors and VCs who want to empower their founders to

    • have a greater chance of transitioning to growth-stage executives

    • consistently execute at a high level without negatively impacting the execution of their teams

    • incorporate new disruptive innovations at the accelerating rate that they are occurring

  • Business leaders who want to learn how to restore hope to their employees (thus reducing their discomfort-based vulnerabilities to manipulations) with new forms of win/win processes

  • The “correspondence” (i.e., corresponds with facts) press

  • Political and social commentators

  • NGOs and others leaders in political and social-improvement movements, futurists, and other forms of think-tanks

  • Economists who can acquire new tools to understand why human nature precludes strong versions of socialism and deregulation from working effectively over extended periods

  • People who work on prisoner rehabilitation

  • People who work on overcoming our tragic drug-addiction problems

  • Voters who are currently being manipulated without adequate defenses or even awareness of what is happening to them

  • Citizens who vote for outliers selling empty promises (seduction traps, usually in the form of simplistic solutions) of radical change in the mistaken belief that any big change might make their dire situation better because it could not possibly get worse; then they find out, as many voters now have in the UK and the US, that their situation can indeed get worse

  • People who cherish their freedoms and their representative forms of government and want to find a way to overcome the current manipulations that are causing these treasured social mechanisms to work against their personal success and our shared successes

  • People who want to learn how to succeed repeatedly in their careers and lives in our fast-moving and increasingly global, competitive environment

  • People who want to understand the grave damage creationism is doing to the future success of their children and their country—how we are regressing to repeat the same mistake our ancestors made that created the “Dark Ages”

  • People who painfully notice the devolution of our shared values (particularly in the US) and want to know how to recover

  • Candidates and office holders who want to learn how to restore the viability of political centers to head off the increasing radicalization and dysfunction of Western governing systems

  • Leaders from the business center (those businesses that rely on a robust economy rather than special privileges for their own narrow interests) who want to acquire new tools to stabilize the economy

  • Neuroscientists who need a mind-level model to bridge the chasm between complicated human activities and the magnificent work they are doing on modeling the enormously complex human brain

  • Educators, including those in secondary and even primary schools

  • People who design our criminal justice systems

  • Behavior-change (transformation) coaches

  • Culture-change service providers

  • People who will benefit from seeing the evidence that we are at the end of our greatness and not in just another periodic downturn in the US and the West

  • Artificial intelligence researchers who want to emulate more aspects of the automatic mode of the human mind to make better progress on the Artificial General Intelligence agenda

  • Students who want to grow up in 2Selfs Age and spend their careers and adult lives in the new problem-solving world created by the 2Selfs Revolution instead of suffering through the Manipulation Age and the continued descent of the West

  • Parents who wish to learn how they can contribute to reversing our current mega-descent so they can leave a better future for their children and grandchildren

  • All people who want to play their heroic part in resurrecting the greatness of their profession, their country, and the West

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